The history of manufacturing Brodeur sulkys of sulky & Harness

François Brodeur begins to repair his first sulkys in 1950, while he is already in the bicycle business. Then, the next year, he build his first sulky. When his father passed away, Fernand Brodeur took the relieve of the family business, while he was already working there since few years. In 1989, Jean-François joint his father to the family business.

Brodeur Sulky is today one of the biggest manufacturer of sulky in Canada, and one of the biggest in the world, building 1500 to 2000 sulkys and jog carts per year.

The Brodeur sulkys brought to the victory the winners of the most prestigious races in the world, such as Prix d’été Molson (Canada), Little Brown Jug (USA), Hambletonian (USA), North America Cup (Canada), Woodrow Wilson (USA), Meadowlands Pace (USA), Trot Eleitlopp (Suède), ainsi que le prix d’Amérique (France).



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